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A Money Hub curated workshop is not a class, it is an experience. We go through heavy topics using our whiteboard animated videos, stopping or slowing down to allow the audience to interact with the information presented. The use of anecdotes allow us to connect with our audience and meet them where they are, all while showing that our Student Lecturers have been in those positions and here is what they did about it. We let the competitive juices flow as we play team games at the end of the workshops to determine who retained the most of what was taught. At the end of the day we all go home a winner for being at the workshop, whether to learn or to teach.

Whiteboard Animation

This is the future method of teaching as it is the most effective in conveying tough to learn topics.

Our whiteboard animated videos have allowed us to teach topics that would otherwise been thought of as difficult to learn and even more difficult to implement. We found that these videos have engaged the audiences the best. It has made learning about personal finance interesting. Most of all, these videos break down how you can apply money management skills to your daily life in a step by step way.

Educational Apps

We are in the process of developing apps that will allow us to walk through the complete workshop and give our students a tool that they can use outside of the classroom.

At The Money Hub we are all about providing tools that will help you prosper financially. First we build a workshop method that is no nonsense and straight to the facts that will effect your wallet in a positive way. Then we came out with videos that make these topics easier to learn and even easier to apply. Now we want you to leave our workshops with tools you need to budget, manage banking, and get all your important financial stats all in one place.

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